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Marah Alfaro

Yasmin Perez is a unique person to work with! She is very detail-oriented and enthusiastic about her job. Her positivism and determination is something that you also learn, from just 5 minutes of talking to her. I had the pleasure to have her work on the decoration of my room and I just have to say I was speechless after seeing such amazing results after so vague explanations of what I wanted. She has the amazing ability to put things together that you had no clue looked good together. More amazing, that she combines things like your personal wardrobe style, lifestyle, and daily routines to create the atmosphere that you love and deserve. Everything starts with a visual board and from there to reality I let her do everything she recommended in my room transformation. With her impeccable work your room, house, office, or event would have nothing to envy a 5-star rating creating a compelling vision. 

"Focused in detail and excellence and always looking to develop creative and innovative projects. Excellent handling of high volumes of work with short timelines. Yasmin has shown excellent skills for project management and good vision when hiring a team. Understanding well the service business, Yasmin has always endeavored to deliver excellent tangible and measurable results."


Siempre que tengo un proyecto creativo en mi hogar o alguna actividad que deseo por mas loco que sea, Yasmin siempre logra hacer un gran trabajo y sin duda alguna capta lo que deseo lograr. Su gusto exquisito y su mente siempre buscando hacer cosas diferentes y que llamen la atención.  Ademas es excelente profesional, super creativa, 100% recomendada.

Saymara Rodriguez

Califico a Yasmin Perez como una profesional dedicada y comprometida a cada objetivo que se le presente sin importar el nivel de complejidad. A lo largo de los años siempre ha demostrado tener la habilidad de alcanzar asertivamente cada meta que se ha propuesto.

Es excelente líder con un muy buen sentido del humor y capacidad para manejar situaciones difíciles controladamente, gracias a su positivismo.

La creatividad y el diseño de interiores es el arma que dispara la creatividad y el buen gusto de Yasmin. Haz lo que amas y nunca tendrás que “trabajar”, ese es el método que ella utiliza para dejar fluir sus capacidades profesionales.

Recomiendo a esta ex-colega laboral, a quien hoy día tengo el honor de llamar amiga, para confiar en sus manos cualquier trabajo que pueda retarle. Les aseguro que la pieza final le hará sentir orgulloso.


Yesenia Santiago

I have observed Yasmin at work and have been very impressed by her style and delivery. Highly diligent, passionate, attentive to detail; her energy is like she is on fire. When she works for a client, her mindset is being the client. Her events at Seriously Creative have shown to be flawless, engaging and a huge success. If you are looking for a personalized marketing partner.. not so much a consultant... Call her.

Angiemille Latorre

Yasmin is a dedicated individual with attention to detail. Yasmin is willing to go the extra mile to get her projects complete and she is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her services as she listens to a client's vision and understands what it takes to fulfill the tasks created.

I worked with Yasmin A. Perez Soto for a period of two years. She was a mentor for me in the marketing and advertising industry. She works to exceeds expectations from clients, detailed-oriented, intuitive and very creative. She always had very innovative ideas that helped succeed in every campaign and advertisement. She is also very good at teamwork and also knows how to manage design and production problems in very effective and creative ways.

Jessica Bravo Peña

Yasmin is one of the very few people I know that has all the qualities a great professional should have; she is responsible, considerate, attentive to details but most of all she has a fantastic personality. Her smile brings happiness to any environment. It was a pleasure to work with her while I was at Motorola. I truly recommended her !!!!

Yasmin siempre se ha caracterizado por ser muy enérgica y comprometida en todos sus proyectos. Manteniendo un alto estándar a la hora de llevarlos a cabo. Siempre tiene total control y conocimiento de cada detalle. Puede realizar múltiples tareas al mismo tiempo y posee un alto sentido de responsabilidad. Es toda una experiencia trabajar con ella de la cual se puede aprender mucho.

Telybeth Fontanez 

I worked with Yasmin on Global retail training projects and display marketing projects. She is a very goal-oriented person who delivers materials/reviews on time. She is a great collaborator in big scale projects as well. She was prompt at providing requirements on planning stages and met deadlines along the way to complete projects. Lastly, she was very resourceful to help me better understand the Latin American market so I can make decisions to maximize the usage of the deliverables. I had great support and fun working with Yasmin.

Una de las personas mas responsables y decididas que he trabajado muy buena experiencia y me encantaría volver a trabajar con ella en el futuro

Alex Castro

Is a detail-oriented leader with lots of creative and innovative ideas to make your business or brands grow exponentially. She is very passionate about her work and a very talented person. She always strives for excellence and is committed to achieving any challenges in the way. Highly recommended.

Yasmin A. Pérez es una persona que dedica tiempo en la creación de nuevas ideas y estrategias para la implementación en cada uno de sus proyectos. Es guiada por nuevas tendencias y siempre busca ofrecer ideas que sean innovadoras. Dedicada a su trabajo y a sus clientes y lo más importante, es hacer que sus proyectos se conviertan en una experiencia.

Roberto J Rivera

Is really glad that I gave Yasmin the opportunity to decorate my new beach apartment, I was definitely blown away from her designs and looking forward to start working with her on the second floor. 

If I can summarize Yasmin in one word, that would be creative. She is amazing at creating ideas for her clients. She is very effective in delivering and putting together a campaign in a very short time. She is hardworking and dedicated to her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for an excellent Marketing executive

Carlos Ore

I have been consistently impressed by both Yasmin's attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. His interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to develop a great performance in client goals. 
Yasmin is very creative and possesses solid creativity skills which have enabled her to be a great manager. She also has the analytical skills to make high-quality reports, and great performance even under pressure.

Una mujer profesional, eficiente, trabajadora, responsable y confiable que representa una buena imagen para cualquier empresa, producto o servicio. Líder, exigente y perfeccionista! Además de siempre ALEGRE y POSITIVA!

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